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Secretary of Party Committee and Director of Fuyang Administration for Industry and Commerce Jia Gua

Release time:2017-12-26

Secretary of Party Committee and Director of Fuyang Administration for Industry and Commerce Jia Guangming and some others came to visit Shenzhen Ferex Electrical Co.,ltd  of Jiuzhou Group

On the afternoon of December 22, 2017, Jia Guangming secretary and director of the Fuyang Administration for Industry and Commerce of Anhui Province and others visited Shenzhen Ferex Electrical Co.,ltd of Jiuzhou Group for inspection. Accompanied by Li Xianghui, Deputy General Manager of Ferex,Mr Li introduced the current production and operation status of Ferex and its production and processing technology in the field of GPU computing equipment and visited the production workshop. Secretary-General Jia Guangming also briefly introduced the development of industrial modernization in the population of 10.2 million in northwestern Anhui Province in recent years. He said that the two places should strengthen cooperation and exchanges among enterprises and deepen cooperation in new energy, new materials and electronic industrial products.

Ferex as Shenzhen area manufacturing industry and a platform for key enterprises of Jiuzhou Group , since 2014, has been committed to business transformation and upgrading. From the traditional low-end manufacturing to customization, high-end manufacturing, manufacturing scale and flexible manufacturing, manufacturing flexible combination of changes. Scale manufacturing to semi-auto, automation, information technology, high-end manufacturing transition, customized to small batches of batches based on customer needs flexible, flexible production, flexible control. In the product direction from the traditional pure OEM to the high value-added products import and export of one-stop import and export agent service, as well as independent intellectual property product development combined with the way, with Shenzhen Jiuzhou Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and Jiuzhou Group platform to actively expand both at home and abroad High-quality customers. In the field of GPU computing equipment manufacturing, Ferex currently in the forefront of the industry, from November 2016, combined with market customer needs and early high-end GPU graphics chipset manufacturing process technology, cultivate a large number of high-quality GPU computing device customers, Won wide acclaim at home and abroad customers. In 2018, Ferex will continue to cultivate the field of IPC industrial motherboards and computer PC motherboards, DIY motherboards and GPU graphics cards and computing devices, and continue to improve the production technology of high-end CPU and GPU chipsets. will also provide Internet of Things terminal products, AIs and robots Motherboard products, military and civilian integration of product breakthroughs, and actively create high-end manufacturing platform.

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